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Rock your Toddler's sleep with presence, rest and confidence

What's this about?!

This course is designed to share effective sleep solutions, based on your toddler’s biology and your family’s values. Set up in short, digestible videos to explain what you need to know to make the best choices for you and your family. We talk about what's waking your toddler and what to do about it, managing common toddler sleep interrupters and transitioning away from co-sleeping using specific, practical strategies and solutions for maximizing your toddler's sleep while meeting their needs and protecting yours. No Sleep Training or Crying it Out.

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Are you struggling with your toddler's sleep?

Valerie Groysman

Valerie Groysman, M.S.W., R.S.W. is mom of two boys (toddler and baby), a Registered Social Worker (Ontario, Canada - only) and Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well-being Specialist. She is the Founder of Talkin' Sleep which provides effective personalized sleep solutions based on your baby's biology and your family's values. Valerie helps babies, toddlers, children and families get the sleep they need without compromising what's best for their child. All recommendations and information is based on biologically normal infant sleep, attachment science and a holistic understanding of the unique needs of each baby, parent and family. Valerie does not use sleep training or crying it out methods to support families to get sleep.

What's covered in the course?