How to Help Your Toddler (1-5 years) Sleep Easier & Longer

Learn how to minimize nighttime wakes and have shorter, easier bedtime routines without crying it out or sleep training.

Want to have faster, easier bedtime or nap routines?

Ready to get more sleep for your toddler?

How about feeling confident and knowing exactly what to expect (and why?! your toddler is doing - that!) when it comes to toddler sleep?

You know you are ready for more sleep but all the advice says just ignore your toddler's cries and ignore your gut.

📢The NEWS: You CAN help your family get easy sleep while trusting your gut, prioritizing your toddler’s emotional development and using actual sleep science.

With the tools and guidance in Talkin' Sleep's toddler course, you will...

Enjoy a deep and secure connection with your toddler, understanding you’ve chosen sleep support from a child therapist who puts attachment, child well-being, and your family's priorities at the core of her practice.

Know exactly what is waking your toddler so you can empower them to resettle themselves with love and connection. 

Step into your role as the leader of your household and know exactly how to win at bedtime stalling tactics without entering in battle. Instead - you will lead with confidence and connection.

Know exactly how to respond to your toddler’s current and future sleep challenges using lifetime access to a variety of present and relationship focused tools and techniques designed for parents who wish to set loving limits and boundaries.

This is exactly what I've been searching for!

Hey there! I’m Valerie.

As a Child & Family Therapist, and Baby-led Certified sleep coach I work with families to improve their child’s sleep without resorting to cry-it-out methods of any kind as these compromise their child’s needs and undermine a parent’s beliefs.

Using my background in psychology and social work including my Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Toronto, I became a child and family mental health therapist focused on children 0-6 years old.   I have extensive experience supporting parent-child relationships and children’s social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.   I’m trained and certified in infant and child mental health, postpartum and maternal mental health, parenting, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Attachment Focused Therapies just to name a few! 

I’m a real-life mom who has struggled with sleep in my family, just like you. I created Talkin’ Sleep’s toddler sleep course to kickstart your personal journey to winning at toddler sleep while knowing your top priority is making sure your toddler turns out to be the best version of themselves.  I’ve worked with hundreds of families, and I can say with confidence that you absolutely can get better sleep without sleep training of any kind.  

Will I see you in the course?


How to help your toddle sleep easier + longer

This course is my brand new online course that will teach you how to improve your toddler’s sleep with easy to digest, factual information and the latest parenting + sleep science.

 "Valerie’s toddler sleep course has taught us so much. There were so many things that we did not realize could be causing our little one to fight sleep. Her course helped us understand our toddler’s behaviours and possible reasons why this was happening and how to help improve her sleeping habits. I am so grateful for this course.

Toddler parent and course member 2022

Are you ready to cry tears of joy over your nap and bedtime routines?

Check out the curriculum…

Course Curriculum

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside 
the toddle sleep course…

Module 1:
Toddler sleep foundations

In this first module, I’ll give you all the details on what's normal when it comes to your toddler's sleep and how you can confidently step into the best version of yourself as a toddler parent while supporting your toddler to get their easiest and best sleep.

Module 2
sleep schedules and nap transitons 

Sometimes all you need to get easier and longer sleep is - to adjust to your toddler's changing sleep needs.

In this module I lay out exactly how to adjust your schedules and transition naps so that you can get the maximum and easiest ZZZ for you and your toddler. 

Module 3:
How to get longer sleep 

This module will cover how to reduce overnight wakes, what exactly wakes your toddler and what you can do to empower them to resettle themselves - without ever using cry it out of any form and always responding to them when they need you. 

Module 4
How to get easier sleep.

This module will help you to:
- Adjust your bedtime routines so that they are quick, easy and connected (instead of a long and dreadful nightly battle of wills between you and your toddler)

-Easily and quickly help your toddler get the naps they need. 

Ready to start getting the easy,  restful sleep you and your toddler deserve deserve with a sleep support team you can count on?

Did we mention there's a
30-day No-Risk Guarantee?

With my 30-day money back guarantee, try our Toddler Sleep Course at no risk.

We believe that our personalized and attachment-based methods of helping toddlers sleep is something you and your toddler will love.  

BUT...we're not for everyone.

If you complete the course within 30-days of purchase and find that that our approach to toddler sleep isn't the right fit for you, then you can request a return of your investment. It's that simple.

Learning and meeting the needs of individual families is what I’m all about, and you won’t find that level of personalized attention with just any sleep course.

I want desperate parents to know that there is an alternative to crying-it-out and actual baby sleep science--that takes into account your whole baby--supports these gentle methods.

That’s why I set out to show people a different way of improving toddler sleep, and well, it’s working…

My sleep support method is giving families their confidence back, one course a time. 

Is Toddler Sleep Course the right solution for your family?

Here's a little check to see...

🎉 You’re a first parent and have no clue what the heck to do when it comes to sleep but believe that your can't spoil your toddler with  love and connection

🎉 This isn't your first rodeo, but you cried it out with your last child(ren) and are NOT doing that again and wants to do things differently
🎉 You question things that don't sit well with your gut, and tend not to do things the same way as your parents (because science has evolved!)

🎉 You want to parent using your intuition but need support when it feels like now one in your personal circle understands your decisions need some extra encouragement
🎉 You want to feel confident in knowing that you’re doing what’s best for your baby because every decision feels like a guessing game
🎉 You’re willing to accept that normal infant sleep doesn't always mean uninterrupted sleep while wanting to do  what you can to maximize your baby’s (and family's) sleep

This is not the course for you if...

â›” You want someone to come in and save the night by telling you exactly how to "fix" everything and provide your with a step by step plan of action

⛔ You’re looking for a “magic” solution to your family's sleep situation that's instantly going to change your life (I hate to tell you – it doesn’t exist!)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The toddler sleep course is delivered in short (5-15 minute) videos explaining what you need to know to make changes right away. It’s a self-paced course that allows you to go directly to the content that is relevant to you. With lifetime access to the course, you can return to content over and over as your baby (or your family) grows. 

I am confident that my course will work for your toddler. The content is based on the most pressing questions I receive from parents and their toddlers. I change and update the course content based on feedback from parents like you! If you’ve taken the course and did not find it helpful, get a full refund with our 30-day money back guarantee. Honestly, I don't want your money if you don't find the course helpful.

No. You will never be asked to leave your toddler to cry for any length of time or reason. You will never be asked to ignore your intuition. You will not be taught to teach your baby to sleep. (It is a biological function after all!) 

This course helps get your toddler down to the minimum number of night wakings that still meets their needs in an age appropriate way. For some toddlers this will be a full night, but other toddlers (12-18mo) may still wake at night and require a quick feed or resettling. I’ve designed this course to help you eliminate the root of what is causing wake-ups, but I would be weary of trusting any sleep courses that guarantee a certain number of hours of sleep. 

The course is designed for 1 - 5 years. If your baby is 0-12 months - Baby Sleep Essentials is a better option for you. 

If you’re using my free content and it’s working for you, that’s great! Many families still find they need additional information and resources to make an impact on their toddler’s sleep. My online courses offer more specific actionable steps addressing a much wider variety of topics than you might see featured on my social media accounts. 

No, this course does not cover night weaning. We do cover it in this webinar.

This course is designed to help you guide your toddler to their best possible sleep by focusing on the things that are in your control. This includes how you guide them, their own unique personality and needs, having realistic expectations, balancing household schedules, and identifying the reasons for sleep disruptions. If there is a known medical issue that is causing a sleep disruption, treating the condition should be your first step in that process.

Get that oh-so-sweet sleep you deserve!